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Our Product Lines:

OBD On Board Diagnostics
Gas Analysers
Diesel Smoke Opacity Meters
Auto Manager Shop Management Software
On Board Diagnostics
Gas Analyzers
Diesel Opacity Meters
Shop Management Software

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OBD II Scan Tools


Pocket OBD™ - Software for Pocket PC. Pocket OBD™ provides the basic OBD II functions found in most high end scan tools but adds some affordable, essential features that separate the amateurs from the real automotive professionals in repairing vehicles correctly. This easy to use system makes it a breeze for anyone to diagnose OBD II related vehicle problems.

Pocket OBD™ comes in multiple varieties, one of which will surely suit the needs of any application.

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Pocket OBD

AutoOBD II™ - Software for your PC. Our AutoOBD II™ scan tool quickly diagnoses OBD II and emissions problems. AutoOBD II™ includes extensive vehicle coverage for all makes and models. Testing results are accurate and consistant. Trouble shooting and clearing check engine lights are made easier with AutoOBD II™'s unique features. AutoOBD II™ is universally generic, SAE J1978 compliant. AutoOBD II™ reads all emission related codes for all vehicles that meet U.S. OBD II standards (all makes and models, year 1996 and newer). AutoOBD II™ reads all protocols including: CAN, KWP, ISO, VPW, and PWM.

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Auto OBD
Note: Pocket OBD™ and Auto OBD II™ do not perform bi-directional communications such as air bags, ABS, etc.

Exhaust Gas Analyzers


Applus+ AutoLogic Inc. has an extensive line of PC based gas analyzers that meet or exceed worldwide emissions testing standards including BAR90, BAR97, ASM, OIML, etc. These analyzers are available in many configurations including everything from a complete PC based workstation unit to modules for integration by OEMs.

PC/Laptop based Gas Analyzers

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Pocket Gas™

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Auto Gas

International Certified Emissions Testing

OEM and Private Branded Products

Gas Analyzer Modules for OEMs

Custom Products

Diesel Smoke Meters


Applus+ AutoLogic Inc. manufacturers smoke meters that meet or exceed SAE J1667 and several other worldwide standards.  They have large easy to read displays and excellent diagnostic screens.  They are available in both a complete configuration and in modules for OEM integration.

J1667 Model

PC/Laptop based Diesel Smoke Meters

Pocket Smoke™


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Shop Management Software


Auto Manager® is a Windows®-based automobile repair shop management system that is quick and easy to use. By using the power of Microsoft Windows®, it keeps a daily record of Customers, Vehicles, Invoices, Work Orders, Estimates, Parts, Services, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Vendors and much more. Its extensive graphics power will make your repair business more efficient, allow quick service of customers and let you keep accurate records. Its many features make repair shop organization easy.

This quality software comes with FREE technical support software on a non-subscription basis and a FREE software update. It is one of the most economical tools on the market for managing a repair shop. Concentrate on repairing vehicles and let Auto Manager® take care of the books. Auto Manager® comes with a 15-day money back guarantee.



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Custom Product Development


Applus+ AutoLogic Inc. specializes in low cost custom product development. Can't afford the high cost of consulting? Don't want to risk your intellectual property rights in overseas ventures? Are you a sales group that wants more products and engineering doesn't have the time? Are you an engineering manager where sales group has 10 projects and you have the staff for 5?

Click here to see how Applus+ AutoLogic Inc. can meet all of these needs.

Custom Products
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