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Shop Management Software From Applus+ AutoLogic Inc.

Applus+ AutoLogic's Auto Manager®

Shop Management Software for Windows®

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Auto Manager® is a revolutionary tool for managing a repair shop which will help to organize a repair business and make it more efficient. Auto Manager® utilizes the power of Windows® to keep daily track of customers, vehicles, invoices, work orders, estimates, parts, services, inventory, purchase orders, vendors, etc. and helps eliminate the huge piles of paper often found in a repair shop. Traditional shop management software packages typically utilize DOS or other text based systems. Auto Manager® utilizes the extensive graphics power of Windows® to support the quick service of customers and vehicle repair while still keeping accurate records.

Auto Manager® has many features to make repair shop organization easy. The Find feature enables existing customer information to be located quickly. Customer records may be found by customer name, license, VIN, etc. The old invoices, estimates and work orders for any customer can be easily accessed to see the work that was performed. A complete customer history is kept on every customer to enable the fast retrieval of old information. With Auto Manager® you get quality software and great support. Applus+ AutoLogic Inc. offers FREE technical support software on a non-subscription basis, and a free software update!

Auto Manager


The "New Customer" feature is flexible and allows the new customer and vehicle information for any customer to be typed in. The return key automatically moves the cursor to the next field for those who are accustomed to DOS programs. With the power of Auto Manager®, many customers can be worked on simultaneously. This makes the system much more efficient as there are often multiple customers in a repair shop at any one time.


Export your Auto Manager® data to Quickbooks Accounting software for quick and easy professional business reports and tracking (Auto Manager® Export Utility required). The Auto Manager® Export Utility feature allows you to export your accounting data from Auto Manager® to Intuit Quickbooks® programs (compatible to Quickbooks 2007 – 2004) Quickbooks Pro® is a powerful and widely used bookkeeping package to enable you to track productivity and profitability for easy accounting management.


Auto Manager® saves time and money because it makes use of "Smart Inputs". The system memorizes certain inputs such as city and state names and makes them easily available for later use from a list box. This eliminates unnecessary typing for each new customer, making the repair shop more efficient.


Business forms are printed with a highly professional appearance using Auto Manager®. The report form layout offers the UNIQUE capability to change the format of the invoice, estimate, work order, purchase order, and customer mailers used by the repair shop. Pre-printed multi-part forms can be used or plain paper can be used. Forms can contain company logos, sales messages, customer reminders, state or city regulations which must be printed, and any other text or graphics. The report layout editor supports the Windows® fonts so that the text printed for any customer report may be easily changed. All stored information such as customer and vehicle identification may be easily moved from one location to another on the forms.


Auto Manager® allows many custom statements to be made. One feature used to help increase revenues, where credit and checks are used, is "Overdue Account" statements. When a customer has not paid a bill, they can be sent statements at any time indicating that the account has not been paid for.


Auto Manager® automatically tracks inventory of the repair shop in the background as invoices and purchase orders are issued. This frees the shop owner from manually keeping track of parts on order and parts which are out of inventory. At any time, quantities may be easily checked.


Generating Invoices is a breeze. Items can be moved easily from the work order and estimate without retyping. Tax is automatically calculated for each customer. Balance due and amount paid are automatically tracked.

Auto Manager Invoice


Customer estimates are easy using the estimate writer. Old estimates from a customer may be retrieved at any time. The system's "Smart Inputs" allow parts and services for a job to be entered in several ways. They may be entered in a parts and service list or may be used just once for a particular estimate. This gives the repair shop the flexibility of estimating jobs with parts that are not required to be inventoried.


Data from estimates is easily moved to the work order for the mechanic. No reentering or rewriting of the information is necessary. The work orders give room for a detailed problem description or mechanic directions, etc.


Auto Manager® includes the capabilities to issue purchase orders automatically from the parts list used in the shop. The "Purchase Order" feature will automatically add the parts to the station inventory when the parts are received. Purchase orders are organized by date and vendor and also include a complete vendor and contact list.

AutoManager graphs


Exciting new Shoptrac gives the ability to measure the performance of the repair shop in many ways. The graph shown here is an excellent example of the POWER of Shoptrac. While invoices are issued to customers on a daily basis, the system automatically tracks the station progress. At any time, graphs summarizing the performance of the repair business may be quickly printed. Here are just a few of the items that will be known instantly: "Revenue" for any time period, "Mechanic Efficiency", "Number of Vehicles Tested", "Invoice Totals", "Parts Usage" for purchasing forecasts, "Customers Per City", number of each vehicle make tested, "Part Usage by Vehicle Make", and much more!


Automatically generate FANTASTIC looking mailers to your customers. Since you will be using Auto Manager® every day to enter your customer invoices, NO additional TYPING will be required in order to issue powerful mailers to help bring customers back into your shop. With Auto Manager® you can create mailing labels and color mailers to your customers from their customer history. The "Mailer" feature automatically integrates your customer and vehicle records allowing you to send mailers to any or all of your customers by name or just to certain customers who have not visited your shop in a certain time period.

Auto Manager® is one of the most economical solutions on the market for keeping track of a repair shop. Auto Manager® helps the repair shop by allowing the shop to concentrate on repairing vehicles instead of spending time learning new computer systems or shuffling piles of paper. Because it is sometimes difficult to determine a good product without driving it, Auto Manager® comes with a 15 day money back guarantee to allow a test drive. Auto Manager® requires a computer running Windows® and approximately 40 MB of hard drive space. An IBM compatible Pentium computer or faster is recommended.

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