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AutoOBD II Scan Tool
  • Meets SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) specifications for J1978 Scan tool.
  • Works on all makes and models of 1996 and newer OBD II compliant vehicles. (1996 and later model year vehicles sold in the United States must be OBD II compliant)
  • All protocols (CAN, KWP, ISO,VPW, PWM)
  • Reads and displays reason for Check Engine Light or MIL ( Malfunction Indicator Light ) Light. The light indicates presence of fault codes (DTC, Diagnostic Troubles Codes)
  • Display vehicle's real time data in graph and digital format. Helpful in checking proper operation of vehicles systems such as oxygen sensor.
  • Records customer and vehicle information for each vehicle. This feature makes it easier to work on a vehicle and switch to another vehicle for a while. The diagnostic readings are stored by vehicle.
  • Bluetooth Wireless option allows a Bluetooth enabled PC to be used a long distance away from the
    OBD II port. Work under the hood watching real time OBD II data.
  • One button click clears the Check Engine Light after repairs.
  • No special tools or extensive automotive knowledge required to operate.
  • Familiar Windows PC Interface makes this system easier to use than most other automotive diagnostic tools.
  • Line graphs with customized color and display settings,
    shows time-sensitive, live data signals with second-by-second data recording.
  • Quick recording captures freeze frames or "snapshots" of vehicle performance. Capture long vehicle driving profiles with extensive database. Great for R & D applications or looking for a glitch in a sensor.
  • Comes with built in DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) database. Each trouble code has a definition which defines what vehicle system has experienced a problem. The PC presents this definition in a clear easy to read format.
  • Easily displays state of readiness monitors.
  • Resets readiness monitor as it clears vehicle fault codes.
  • No more lost test data. Easily compare results from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Printed, full page, diagnostic reports are generated via almost any printer.
  • Reports are easily personalized with report header outlining shop information.
  • Extensively field-tested to identify "problem" vehicles.
  • OBD II testing concepts explained with short simple definitions in software. Complete manual included.

The AutoOBD II Scan Tool is a powerful, generic OBD II scan tool, robust enough for large-scale repair shops while remaining easy to use for the everyday do-it-yourselfer.

AutoOBD II Scan Tool

Part Number
AutoOBD II Scan Tool, SILVER Edition. Includes software on CD, OBD II Interface, cable, and manual on CD. Requires PC (with available USB and serial port), CD-ROM drive
AutoOBD II Scan Tool, GOLD Edition. Includes software on CD, OBD II Interface, manual, OBD II testing manual, USB to serial adapter, and cable. Requires PC (with 2 available USB ports), CD-ROM drive

AutoOBD II Scan Tool, ULTIMATE Edition. Includes GOLD Edition plus Wireless Kit. Requires PC (with 2 available USB ports), CD-ROM drive



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